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Chilli Penguin
Chilli Penguin

Chilli Penguin stoves are made in Wales and they are as quirky as they are well designed and manufactured.

From the moment you first see their website or brochure, you realise that this range of stoves are different.  The funky logo and the humorous stories means the personality of their stoves endear them to their customers in a unique and friendly way.

Unusually their range includes a number of stoves with ovens making them attractive to fit in holiday homes, cabins or lodges and they even make a tiny stove designed to be used in a yurt or tent (Chilli Billie).

Chilli Penguin stoves complement our existing ranges of quality UK and European brands, whilst injecting some fun into the industry.

The Chilli Penguin range also includes this range of practical contemporary log storage, what more could you ask for?

Visit the Chilli Penguin website here, or follow them on Twitter. 


Wood burning stoves, fireplaces, bespoke stone, fuel