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Why do I need… heat proof gloves?

Often included with most new stoves, heat proof gloves are

Heatproof gloves
Heat proof gloves

essential for opening the door to your stove when in use and regulating the controls of the stove.

Heat proof gloves can also help when loading the logs into the burn chamber, allowing them to be placed rather than thrown in which can be dangerous.

Heat proof gloves
Heat proof gloves

Don’t be tempted to use oven gloves instead of proper stove gloves – your stove gets much hotter than an oven!

J DAY STONEWORKS EXPERTS RATING – 5/5 Essential for most stoves.

Why do I need… Stove glass cleaner?

stove glass cleaner

How clean the glass stays on your stove will depend on a wide range of factors, what experience tells us however, is sooner or later you will need to clean it.

We sell sprays, gels and dry wipe pads to make this chore less arduous, depending on model of stove and the severity of the dirt build up.

glass-cleaner-2For day to day maintenance use J Day Stonework’s top glass cleaning tip – when the stove is cold, dip damp screwed up newspaper into the ashes of a wood fire and use the ashes to rub the surface of the glass.

J DAY STONEWORKS EXPERTS RATING – 5/5 Essential for most stoves

If your stove has constantly blackened glass you may benefit from asking for help on burning techniques, pop in to the yard to see us, we’re happy to help.

Why do I need a… stove fan?


A heat powered fan that helps to distribute the stoves heat more evenly in the room.  Particularly useful when the stove is not centrally located, it helps to move the warm air around to achieve a comfortable room temperature more quickly and evenly.  Can make the stove look cluttered, and they cannot be used on some modern convector type stoves.
J DAY STONEWORKS EXPERTS RATING – 3/5  Individual circumstances dictate how much benefit will be derived from these devices, but improves heating efficiency in most cases.

Yeoman Stoves

Yeoman are a subsidiary of Stovax and are a quality steel stove manufacturer.  









Most of the Yeoman range are very traditional designs with options of canopies and window crosses to give a cosy cottage feel.  

In contrast they also produce the CL range of plainer more contemporary stoves with large clear windows, chrome handles and slam shut doors.  

A range of gas and electric variants complete their family of products. 

Visit the manufacturers website here.

Lotus Stoves

Part of the NIBE owned manufacturers, these products are now available through the lastest addition to the group, STOVAX.  

Lotus are a Danish design company creating a range of easy to operate, attractive and enviromentally friendly products.  Freestanding stoves are offered alongside a small range of built-in cassette fires, all are woodburning only.  Our showroom displays the Sola model with Indian Nightstone cladding alongside the Living Cube landscape stove on matching base.

Visit our showroom in Colney Heath to see the new range including this model which has a integral log holder.

Lotus stove and log holder
Lotus stove and log holder