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Floating Fireplace Beams

Floating Fireplace Beams

Beams offer the benefits of a mantel in a sleek and contemporary way.  J Day Stoneworks offer beams from Capital Fireplaces, Focus Fireplaces and Newman Fireplaces so there’s a huge range of colours, sizes and finishes to choose from.

Focus Fireplaces Beam
Focus Fireplaces Beam

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist floating beam to style a modern fireplace or a traditional barn timber full of character we can help.

Depending on your stove or fireplace layout there are a few building regulations to bear in mind when selecting your beam.  It’s important to make sure that there is at least 450mm or 18 inches between the top of your stove and anything combustible if your stove projects from the front of your fireplace.

Resin based products are available if you’re looking for something non-combustible, or if your stove is tucked underneath your chimney without protruding into the room there are a wide range of solid wood options to consider*.

Capital Fireplace Beams
Capital Fireplaces Beam

Capital Fireplaces, Focus Fireplaces and Newman Fireplaces have budget and mid-range beams on offer, with prices starting from £210. Focus beams are available from 917mm up to 3 metres wide so you can choose the perfect width for your room.

We have a variety of beams on display in our Colney Heath showroom, and a range of brochures for you to take away.  There are also a wide range of shelves and fascia plates available in store.

Mix or match your Decor

Distressed Fireplace Beam
Distressed Fireplace Beam

Bright or light colours pair well with bleached wooden beams, with darker, richer shades working well with velvets or leather interiors. Sharp, clean cut beams offer a modern look with distressed oak finishes available for a more characterful interior.

*It’s always a good idea to consult your stove installer to make sure your beam adheres to building regulations for your property.


Jøtul is one of the world’s oldest producers of stoves, inserts and fireplaces. Building on a proud Norwegian heritage, they  have combined fine craftsmanship with the art of coping with the cold for 160 years.

Visit our showroom in Colney Heath to see our Jotul stoves first hand. With a stunning range of contemporary and traditional models they are built to last with Norwegian accuracy and they guarantee all external cast iron parts for 25 years.

Jøtul has produced fireplaces from cast iron since 1853. This is an extremely suitable material that endures high temperatures and rapid changes in temperature. That’s why Jøtul chooses cast iron for their fireplaces, just like car manufacturers use cast iron for their engines.

Visit the manufacturers website here.


Founded in Odense in 1978, Scan have focused on delivering a perfect flame enclosed in a design-conscious piece of furniture.  Most Scan stoves are designed to be used freestanding and to be viewed from 3 sides.  Primarily designed in steel, they incorporate black edged glass and soapstone to create unique stoves for discerning clients.  Manufactured in Denmark, they have total control over raw materials and production and the finished products quality.
Now part of the Jotul Group, they continue to operate as a distinct brand with a unique identity and style.

Our showroom features eight of their inset fires and stoves.  Trim and accessories may differ from those shown in the photos here.

Scan at J Day Stoneworks

Visit the manufacturers website here.

STUV / Jetmaster

Stuv are a very well regarded Belgium company designing and manufacturing a range of top end woodburning insert fires and stoves.  Their range includes the STUV 21, built in Stuv stoves featuring retractable “guillotine” style doors and large heat outputs, available in different sizes and even double sided options.  Under live fire in our showrooms we also have the STUV 30.  It is a freestanding revolving stove with a unique 3-door system to allow the end user to operate it as a open fire, normal stove or overnight burning stove.

Jetmaster make woodburning open fires, wood stoves and multi-fuel stoves.  Best known for their extensive range of open convector fires,  they have branched out into glass fronted appliances with an impressive range of product.  Built-in cassette stoves and modern freestanding stoves form the mainstay of their collection, all featuring minimum clutter and clean simple lines with removeable handles and single air controls.  Jetmaster is also the UK distributor for STUV stoves.

There are five Jetmaster stoves with four STUV models also available to view at the showroom; the Jetmaster 18q and STUV 30 (3 in 1) are both live.

STUV at J Day Stoneworks
STUV at J Day Stoneworks

Stuv models on display;

Jetmaster models on display;

Visit the manufacturers website here.


Barbas are an innovative Dutch company with the most comprehensive range of built-in woodburning appliances available to the UK.

The range include the best selling Unilux-3 range of cassette fires available in a range of sizes and finishes, upto the elegant Evo range with its remote controlled guillotine door and stunning view of the fire.  Options on many fires include external air kits, warm air distribution systems and electric fans to speed up the heat penetration if required.  Part of the Interfocus group which includes Bellfires with its extensive range of gas appliances.

There are eight Barbas fires on display at J Day Stoneworks showroom in Colney Heath, pop along to take a look.  The beautiful Escamolux 80/65 is live and well worth seeing in person.

Trim and accessories may vary on showroom models.

Visit the manufacturers website here.