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Why do I need… a log store?


Most new users do not appreciate how many logs they might burn on their new stove, and somewhere to store logs nearby is always useful.

It also cuts down the trips to the log pile every few hours.  Dedicated log stores come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional rattan/wicker baskets to steel boxes or racks.  We always have a good selection of log storage options in our showrooms.

For keen DIY enthusiasts recycled pallets make an excellent base for constructing wood storage.  Air needs to circulate around the wood and a cover created to protect against the weather.

J DAY STONEWORKS EXPERT RATINGS – 4/5 Useful for most stove owners.

Log store

Why do I need a… fireguard?


As most stoves are designed to burn behind the glass window, risks of errant sparks are very low unless the door is left open.  Fire guards or screens are useful, however, to keep pets and young children away from the hot stove.  Available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes, even “child-proof” barriers are available if your child is particularly adventurous.

J DAY STONEWORKS EXPERTS RATING – 5/5 if you have small children.  Children may not realise that the entire stove is hot as the glass.

… 2/5 if you don’t have small children or animals.

Why do I need a… log carrier?


Usually in the form of a canvas bag or sling, they can make the chore of getting in the logs quicker and cleaner.

If you don’t want to buy a sling you could try using heavy duty large carrier bags, or even re-use the plastic bags from kiln dried logs.

J DAY STONEWORKS EXPERTS RATING – 2/5 – Useful but not essential for most stove users.

Why do I need… a stove pipe thermometer?

Commonly attached magnetically to the stove pipe coming off the

Stove pipe thermometer
Stove pipe thermometer

top of the stove (not suitable for stainless steel flues).  This clever little dial indicates the approximate temperature of the flue gases leaving the stove.  It indicates the ‘Optimum Burn Range’ to allow the stove to be burnt efficiently.

At lower temperatures, creosote and tar will form, whilst higher temperatures reduce efficiency and life expectancy of the firebricks/chamber linings.

Stove pipe thermometer
Stove pipe thermometer

Whilst purists might think it visually clutters a minimal setting, inexperienced stove users would certainly benefit from one.
An alternative version is offered for installations where the stove pipe is not available (built in stoves etc) and the dial can be fixed to the stove body, and it has been calibrated accordingly.

J DAY STONEWORKS EXPERTS RATING – 4/5 Useful for most stove owners

Why do I need… Stove glass cleaner?

stove glass cleaner

How clean the glass stays on your stove will depend on a wide range of factors, what experience tells us however, is sooner or later you will need to clean it.

We sell sprays, gels and dry wipe pads to make this chore less arduous, depending on model of stove and the severity of the dirt build up.

glass-cleaner-2For day to day maintenance use J Day Stonework’s top glass cleaning tip – when the stove is cold, dip damp screwed up newspaper into the ashes of a wood fire and use the ashes to rub the surface of the glass.

J DAY STONEWORKS EXPERTS RATING – 5/5 Essential for most stoves

If your stove has constantly blackened glass you may benefit from asking for help on burning techniques, pop in to the yard to see us, we’re happy to help.