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Why do I need… a companion set?


A companion set is a useful set of tools, usually mounted on a compact stand or holder, to keep close to the fireplace in a tidy manner.  Usually either three tool (Poker/Shovel/Tongs) or four tool (inc brush) they come in a wide variety of sizes, finishes and styles.
J DAY STONEWORKS EXPERTS RATING – 3/5 In some cases, a poker and shovel are useful, tongs and brush are probably not going to be used much by many stove owners.

Why do I need… heat proof gloves?

Often included with most new stoves, heat proof gloves are

Heatproof gloves
Heat proof gloves

essential for opening the door to your stove when in use and regulating the controls of the stove.

Heat proof gloves can also help when loading the logs into the burn chamber, allowing them to be placed rather than thrown in which can be dangerous.

Heat proof gloves
Heat proof gloves

Don’t be tempted to use oven gloves instead of proper stove gloves – your stove gets much hotter than an oven!

J DAY STONEWORKS EXPERTS RATING – 5/5 Essential for most stoves.

Gas fires

Gorgeous gas fires and fireplaces

Our primary supplier of Gas fires and stoves is Gazco, as they offer a comprehensive range of products with outstanding customer service, alongside good availability. For more details of specific Gazco products and specifications please visit their website, www.stovax.com.  We also stock a comprehensive selection of Bellfires gas fires and have at least 6 Bellfire display models working in our showroom.

To supplement our Gazco and Bellfire ranges we also offer products from Capital Fireplaces, specifically a range of modest sized applicances for more budget conscious customer.

We are also authorised stockists for a range of alternative brands on show at our shop near St Albans.

To find out whether a gas fire could be right for your requirements pop in for a chat with one of our fireplace specialists.

StovaxRiva2 1050 Sorrento Gas Fires
StovaxRiva2 1050 Sorrento Gas Fire

Cast iron fireplaces

Tradition and Contemporary Cast Iron Fireplaces

These photographs demonstrate a small number of the many available combinations of iron inserts and cast iron fireplaces that we can supply and show how they can be used in conjunction with Limestone and Granite.

Our showrooms aim to offer a taste of the fireplaces available, as there are so many options on the market. We usually have over 60 stoves on display and around 30 fireplaces. In addition to the reproduction fireplaces shown on this page we also have a vast range of original Victorian and Edwardian iron fireplaces which we are currently showcasing on our website www.ironfireplaces.co.uk.

Cast iron fireplaces
Stovax Georgian Cast Iron Mantel

Electric stoves

Electric stoves are a relatively new branch of the stove business and are generally steel or cast iron boxes with an electric effect mounted  into them with a fan heater underneath.  The flame effect is not usually as realistic as the wood or gas burning versions although some models are now using LEDs which is improving the overall effect.

Electric stoves are the ultimate in convenience, just plug in, set the required temperature and then sit back and relax!

Yeoman Electric Stoves
Yeoman Electric Stove

If you are looking for a stove centrepiece for your living room, bedroom kitchen but don’t want the inconvenience of cleaning up ash or stocking up on logs an LED electric stove might be just the thing you’re looking for.  Warmth and a welcoming glow without the industrial look of many electric heaters or radiators, electric stoves are available to view in our showroom.