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Hwam Stove Smart Control App

Hwam Smart Control

Hwam have a range of stoves that are designed for you to use from your phone or tablet, so you can control the temperature in the room from the comfort of your sofa.  It’s not just a gadget (but let’s face it, it is a pretty good gadget too).

HWAM’s SmartControl™ electronic air regulation gives you a sublime level of comfort and goes easy on the environment and on your pocket. But it’s not just that – at the price of a wood-burning stove, you also get an engineer a personal firing aid right in the middle of your living room!

Hwam Smart Control
Hwam Smart Control stove at our showroom in Colney Heath

The “HWAM® SmartControl™” app allows you to easily set up your desired room temperature on a mobile telephone or tablet – and the app even reminds you when it’s time to fill up with firewood again. The only thing you have to do yourself is light the fire and close the door.

The system will take care of the rest for you, so you can relax, kick back and relish the flames and the cosy heat.

Hwam Smart Control 1 2 3

Visit the Hwam site to find out more about the clever technology behind the app.

There’s a  Smart Control stove on display in our showroom in Colney Heath, pop in to see it for yourself!



Ortal contemporary gas fires are state-of-the art, room sealed, live fuel effect appliances which are available in a wide range of spectacular formats for use on natural gas or LPG.

Ortal space creator gas fire
Ortal space creator gas fire

Ortal format styles include front facing, corner, three sided, space creator (peninsular), tunnel, standalone, island. Custom versions are also available.

Special Ortal features include reflective interiors to enhance the flame picture, dual line burners allowing control of output without loss of flame effect and protective mesh or double glazing options for added safety.

Ortal tunnel
Ortal tunnel

The concentric natural draught balanced flue systems can terminate vertically or horizontally and can accommodate a wide range of configurations.

Fan assistance is also available to further increase the range of flue options and make the fires ideal for installation in apartments for example.

Control is via a convenient remote handset which also incorporates timer and thermostat.

The product range comprises 77 different standard formats but in addition to this, Ortal are able to produce custom-made fires to incredible bespoke specifications (up to 5 metres long).

Architects and interior designers in particular are appreciating the benefits of large format gas and the fact that it is possible to design rooms around an impressive feature fire.

Why do I need… a companion set?


A companion set is a useful set of tools, usually mounted on a compact stand or holder, to keep close to the fireplace in a tidy manner.  Usually either three tool (Poker/Shovel/Tongs) or four tool (inc brush) they come in a wide variety of sizes, finishes and styles.
J DAY STONEWORKS EXPERTS RATING – 3/5 In some cases, a poker and shovel are useful, tongs and brush are probably not going to be used much by many stove owners.

Why do I need… heat proof gloves?

Often included with most new stoves, heat proof gloves are

Heatproof gloves
Heat proof gloves

essential for opening the door to your stove when in use and regulating the controls of the stove.

Heat proof gloves can also help when loading the logs into the burn chamber, allowing them to be placed rather than thrown in which can be dangerous.

Heat proof gloves
Heat proof gloves

Don’t be tempted to use oven gloves instead of proper stove gloves – your stove gets much hotter than an oven!

J DAY STONEWORKS EXPERTS RATING – 5/5 Essential for most stoves.

Why do I need… a carbon monoxide alarm?

Carbon monoxide alarm

Required by law since 2010, a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm must be fitted within guidelines laid out in Document J of the Building Regulations.

For older installations it would be highly recommended if only for piece of mind.  CO is produced when burning oil, gas, wood or coal, and can build up if the flue is not clear or the room is inadequately ventilated.

Combo Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Combo Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon Monoxide is not detectable by smell or taste and an alarm is the only reliable way of detection.  CO exposure can cause tension type headaches, dizziness, tiredness and confusion, stomach pain, breathing difficulties and ultimately death.

J DAY STONEWORKS EXPERTS RATING – 5/5 Essential for all stoves.

Don’t have one yet?  Get one.